To the First Feature Fund! 


With over thirty film festivals and a dozen awards under the belt, director Gordon & producer Elizabeth are ready to start filming their first feature together!


The Old Way  ( Horror, 90mins )  — In order to strike back at the medieval demon haunting her family from the woods bordering her home, a millennial mother must reconnect with her estranged father to learn the ways of armor and blade. Shooting Spring 2022

A darkly-comic, relationship-driven, slow-burn horror film with an explosive finale.



Make checks out to:


The Old Way Movie L.L.C.


Mailing address:

Gordon Shoemaker

266 Boot Road, Malvern, PA 19355

(You can also deliver by hand, if that's easier!)

*Let me know if you wish your gift to remain anonymous.

I would be thrilled to let it be known that you helped make our dreams possible,

but I will respect anyone's wishes to remain private.

Gift Levels

$25 -to $100 -------- Help pay for props and set dressing! It would be very much appreciated! 

$200 -to $800 ------ Special Thanks in the credits! Help pay for meals for the cast and crew!

$800 -to $1000 ----- Very Special Thanks in the credits! Help pay for travel to set for the cast and crew!

$1,250 -------------- Very Special Thanks // Invite to Set! Come see us in action during production!

$1,500 -------------- Very Special Thanks, invite to set // invite to our Wrap Party! Come celebrate the completion of production with the cast and crew!

$2,500 ------------- Very Special Thanks, invites to set & wrap party // tickets to our World Premiere! As an alumni of the top genre fests in the US (Screamfest LA, Shriekfest, & Oscar-Qualifying Rhode Island International) our chances are looking strong for an incredible premiere. 

$5,000 ------------- Set & party invites / Premiere Tickets // Credit as an Associate Producer! A donation at this level would help pay for the services of production members such as costumers and stunt coordinators. Thus, you'd be entitled to the honor of an Associate Producer credit, which always looks impressive on a resume or social media posts. 

$10,000 ------------- Set & party invites / Premiere Tickets // Credit as an Executive Producer! A donation at this level would be of immense importance, allowing an entire full day of shooting. Such a massive help to our production's final quality entitles you to the highest title you can receive, an Executive Producer! 

$20,000 ------------ Set, party, & Premiere Tickets // name priority Credit as Executive Producer // Red Carpet Invite! --Gordon is an alumni of two festivals (Beverly Hills / Screamfest LA) whose feature premieres & red carpets are held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California - the same location as where the Academy Awards have their red carpet! It will make for a legendary photo opportunity! You will also be accredited in the major social media posts of the film & on the official Poster!


*****Contributions above 20k are very welcome — email me at gordonshoemaker@gmail.com if you wish to discuss investment in the film’s sale and proceeds. You will also receive the aforementioned benefits at the highest tier.